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Sarah Chapter 1 :iconconvolutedplot:ConvolutedPlot 88 4
Mature content
Mannequin Part 1 :iconwndash2:Wndash2 131 7
Mature content
Girlfriend's Rubber Toy :iconwndash2:Wndash2 166 5
Neopolitan - icon by MermaidOnStilts Neopolitan - icon :iconmermaidonstilts:MermaidOnStilts 11 0
How not to Babysit (1)
NOTICE: This story will most likely be replacing stories such as Baby Care Class and Sister's Doll. Thank you.
    I watched my parents pull out of the driveway in their car, and speed away. I was being left home alone with my three younger sisters. Hannah (the oldest of the three, six years old), Emily (Second oldest, five years old) and Mandy (my youngest sister). I was to babysit them for a full week and a half while my parents left for a giant business trip in Egypt. I have an older sister also, but she lives out of the house, across town with her boyfriend, so I don't see her all that often.
    The first few hours were easy. Us four watched TV, played a few simple board games, ate pizza for dinner, and did all sorts of stuff. Their bedtime came before I knew it. Just as typical for girls their age, none of them wanted to go to sleep. I decided to put Mandy to bed first... she was youngest, she would need more sleep, right?
    "Come on, Mandy! It's t
:iconwndash2:Wndash2 221 36
Metamorphosis (Chapter 5)
When we finally broke from the hug, my hair fell into my face and I groaned in anger. Mom looked at me with concern.
“What’s wrong dear?” I yanked my hair back and snarled.
“I can’t stand all of this hair Mom…it keeps getting in my way.” Mom laughed and ran her fingers through the strands.
“Well, we can’t cut it…but perhaps we can keep it out of your face. Would you like me to do that for you?” I nodded.
“Yeah, anything!” Mom walked me to my bed and sat me down on it. She walked behind me and knelt down on my bed behind me. She wrapped her hands around my hair and pulled it back. She fished for something in her pants pocket and then continued pulling on my hair.
“I haven’t done this since I was quite young…but I think I still remember how to do this.” I glanced back at her in suspicion. What was she talking about? However, I really didn’t want to offend Mom anymore, so I shrug
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 141 28
The Magical Emporium, Ch. 4
Faint sunlight poked through the closed blinds, spilling onto a slender arm sitting on top of the quilt. It moved up and down with the girl's slow breaths, and the early morning silence was only broken by light footsteps moving around the rest of the building, before a door opened and the footsteps exited the building. A few more minutes passed, undisturbed, before the girl's eyes shot open, sharp blue irises staring at the door of the bedroom for a few seconds. The coast was clear at last.
I reluctantly put on the girly outfit from yesterday, all of it fitting perfectly but still making me feel strange. No amount of fidgeting in front of the mirror would make the skirt less revealing, so I just sighed and gave myself another look up and down. "At least it's a good-looking prison", I mused, before slinging my bag over my shoulder and sliding my nylon-clad feet into the flat shoes that sat neatly by the door. I stopped for another few moments, straining my ears to hear in case my room-m
:iconconvolutedplot:ConvolutedPlot 32 10
Touhou Project Sanae Skinsuit Page 6 (translated) by SkinSuitLover123 Touhou Project Sanae Skinsuit Page 6 (translated) :iconskinsuitlover123:SkinSuitLover123 66 3
The Magic Bra : Chapter 1 - A TG Story
Jeremy was a young, 20 year old student who lived on his own for a few years now. His parents, who immigrated from France to the US before he was born, died in a car accident along with his sister when he was 16. He was devastated, by the fact that his only family (that he knows of) died, as well as the fact that he had to live alone. He had to drop out of high school so he could get a job and sustain himself, but lately he's stabilized and started considering going to college (after taking some catchup courses, of course), but he still felt very depressed and didn't want to go to college if he couldn't completely focus. Tuition money is very pricey these days, and he didn't want to bother with interviews and payments if he wasn't sure he could succeed. It'd be a waste of time and money in his eyes.
Though it wasn't all bad for Jeremy. He recently won a ticket for an all expense paid 2 month trip to Paris, France from a local raffle. The idea of being in his "homeland" somewhat excited
:iconjumboshirmp:Jumboshirmp 607 32
The Book - Chapter 1 'Beginnings'
It began with a book.
A blood lust burrowed within its pages waiting for a soul to steal. To corrupt. It possessed a knowledge and power from ages ago, all siphoned away into the onyx colored hardcover. But, the years had come and gone, the text passed down between lineages, spell keeps, and shop owners— unread. The modern era arrived.
It ultimately settled on the mantle of a young boy, who received it as a gift of all things. His parents knew of the budding fascination with magic and middle earth and they shrugged off this as nothing more than a hobby to be fed. This leather-bound book was a great item to look at, but with the lock on the cover it would just be shelf decor.
This tale began with a book that waited lifetimes to be read.
----                ----                  ----               ----
The midmorning sun illuminated the apartment floor, the window
:iconamyblake35:amyblake35 125 5
The Sister Suit
This story is based on the first picture of 'The Attic'. Be wary, it get's quite erotic towards the end. 

Kevin was clearing out some stuff in the attic, when he stumbled upon something rather strange. 
"What's a skin-suit of Sarah doing up here?!" he exclaimed 
Just then his mother entered the door. 
"I'm home Kevin" she announced
Hi mum" he said in response
"Are you still sorting out the stuff in the attic?" she inquired
"Just finishing up" he replied
"Don't forget to put the ladder back and close the door" she reminded him
"I won't" he said
Curious as to what was with the suit, he decided he better hold onto it. So he quickly swift down the stair, locked up the attic and went to hide it in his room, before his mother noticed. The next day his sister was in the attic. She climbed down and knocked on Kevin's door. Kevin precariously opened it. 
"Hey Kevin", she said with a sweetest smile, "mind if i come in?"
"Ok" said Kevin curiously
"were y
:icongeodude68:GeoDude68 47 2
Skinsuit Story, The Favor
                                                          A Skinsuit Story: Friends With Benefits.
                                                                  Chapter One, The Favor
A loud ring reverberates, throughout your apartment. Moments pass, it rings again, you roll over and groan. Why did I have to leave my phone in the kitchen, you say as you groggily rise from your bed. It rings once more, reminding you to be diligent or miss the call.
You hurry to the kitchen and grab your cellphone off the table. You answer and see that its your good friend Sarah. “Hey Sarah you say in a tone much more cheery than you feel this early in the morning”
“Hey Daniel,
:iconvoleberry28:voleberry28 142 18
Husband and Wife Bodyswap
I took the shot first. I felt the pinch as it broke through the skin of my upper arm; I could feel the liquid burning as it entered my bloodstream; the heat spreading out. I swallowed hard and my throat closed a bit in anticipation, my forehead became warm and I could feel a light sweat break across my upper lip.
I looked over to my right to see my wife wince as she took her shot. She looked at me; we locked eyes and she smiled nervously. I could see the fear in her eyes, the anxiety that she was trying so hard to suppress, but never could.
“Well” the man said as he headed for the door “it has begun.” He stopped at the door and turned to us. “You will begin to see and feel the full effects momentarily.” He said as he placed his hand on the knob and began to open the door. “I hope you enjoy your decision” He nodded and headed out.
I was standing in the middle of our living room and my wife was seated in the chair to my right. Now she too s
:icontservo96:Tservo96 142 3
The Orphan Part 10
Henry woke up in a tangle of sheets. He was still in bed with Jason. He realized that they were holding hands, and Henry didn't want to let go. He lied there for a while, just holding Jason's hand. He turned his head slightly and realized Jason was awake as well, and he was looking back at Henry.
"Good morning Haley." he whispered.
"Goor morning Jason. You know you didn't have to wait for me to wake up."
"I didn't want to ruin the moment."
They lied there for a little while longer, after which Jason gave Henry a warm kiss on the lips, and he slowly pulled away.
"Mmm," Henry said. "You even taste good in the morning."
What was he saying? The estrogen was really working wonders. He never would have expected to say that to a guy.
They sat up in bed, and Jason looked into Henry's eyes. "You're so beautiful. I love you."
"I love you too Jason," Henry said, kissing Jason again, this time giving him a little tongue and biting his lip very softly. Henry noticed Jason's boxers shift, and watche
:iconspyleader149:spyleader149 49 9
Kidnapped (2)
    It was about five months of constant baby torture until I woke up outside of the crib, with a different outfit on. Instead I was wearing a large pink shirt with a flower on it and lime green shorts with butterflies on it. The man walked in. "You are now six years old. I expect you to play with dolls and unicorns all day." He stood there watching me, as I was forced to play with the dolls.
    "I can tell that is fake." The man said, bringing out his gun. I began playing very extremely with the dolls, and even kissing one of them to sell the scene. He seemed satisfied and left.
    When he came back, he was holding a brush. He sat me down on a stool, and began to comb my long hair. When he was done with it, I had long brown hair, that looked a lot like a girl's. "I forgot to do this when you were two or three." He picked me up and brought me to the bathroom.
    "We need to potty train you... Use the bathroom." I thought that was kind of weird
:iconwndash2:Wndash2 45 4
All Dolled Up
I was getting bored. Kristen and I were watching a movie at her house. She was enjoying the movie, but I couldn't care less about Brad's latest sex flair. Then she sighed.
"Whats wrong?"
"Oh... nothing."
"Tell me"
"I just don't understand where this is going."
"Where what is going?"
"Us! Where is this relationship headed? We just watch movies on Friday nights and text. Do you even love me anymore?"
"Of course I love you! Where is this coming from?"
I was getting nervous, I didn't know why she suddenly was in a temper tantrum, but I was afraid it was going to end with the end of our relationship, and I didn't want that.
"Its coming from the fact that we never have any fun! Why don't we have fun like we used to?"
"Well, we can have fun! What do you want to do?"
"I don't know, just something we could both enjoy together!"
"This is obviously coming from somewhere, what is it that you were thinking about?"
"Ok well there is one thing that I wanted to try.... but I'm not gonna tell you what
:iconspyleader149:spyleader149 417 54


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